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Technical Advisory Panel

The purpose of the Technical Advisory Panel (TAP) is to support the delivery of the Inter-laboratory Methods Comparison Program (inter-lab) through independent technical expertise. It is important to note that the TAP is not a decision-making body. The TAP meets on a quarterly basis to provide scientific interpretation, options and information for the strategic implementation of the inter-lab. Panel members serve 24 month terms. OCWA is now accepting nominations for up to three (3) technical advisory panel members for 2024-26. Nominations received up to Friday, February 16, 2024 will be considered, with the selected panel members to begin coinciding with upcoming Sample Tarkin (April 2024). OCWA will reach out to all nominees to request a CV and complete a short application form. OCWA and the incumbent TAP will be responsible for reviewing applications and selecting experts based on scoring from the following categories:

  • Relevant Expertise: Include development of PCR-based assays for wastewater surveillance, knowledgeable about latest advancements in relevant wastewater surveillance technologies, understanding of laboratory QA/QC best practices, and knowledge/experience with laboratory proficiency testing programs and frameworks

  • Impartiality & Transparency: Provide expert advice focused on members’ areas of expertise and responsibility; not biased towards a particular inter-lab decision outcome. Where two candidates have similar relevant expertise, the candidate with the least potential conflicts of interest will be selected. Panel members will make appropriate provisions to safeguard confidential materials (including commercial IP/interests), declare conflicts of interests, and recuse oneself from potential conflicts of interest.

  • Diversity of backgrounds: Representation will be sought from various stakeholder groups partaking in wastewater surveillance activities, spanning academic, government, and industry laboratories. Geographical diversity to reflect differences across Canada and internationally will also be considered.

  • Demonstrated ability to collaborate: Work effectively together with panel members, exchange ideas, and collaborate on developing recommendations or solutions.

  • Commitment to timeliness and availability: Technical Advisory Panel members review Preliminary/Interim Reports from each round, and participate in panel meetings on a quarterly basis via web conferencing.

To put a nomination forward or to find out more, please reach out to

Technical Advisory Panel (2021-2024)

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